By Tali Shine

Recently everywhere you look, magazines, on-line and in supermarkets the buzz- word is ‘superfood’ and it is being used to describe everything. But what actually is a superfood? Is it actually good for you and what should you be eating?

It is actually less complicated than it sounds. A superfood is a food that is nutrient dense and filled with many amazing vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants which help the body to fight off disease.

When it comes to superfoods they are special because there are no empty calories. Instead Superfoods provide generous amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids and offer more anti-oxidant protection against some health conditions than ordinary foods.

Many superfoods have the same nutrients and vitamins as other fruits, grains and vegetables, but the difference is that superfoods have them in much higher doses.

The benefits of eating superfoods is that they can help to stabilize energy levels, reduce bloating and you will look and feel more vibrant for eating them. It is very important though to remember to eat unprocessed and unrefined superfoods, as even when superfoods are processed they instantly lose their health benefits. For example, whist whole-oats have many health benefits, processed instant whole-grain oats actually cause an unhealthy sugar level spike in the bloodstream.

Where superfoods become a bit of a marketing tool is that there are constantly new exotic superfoods like acai berry, noni fruit, dragon fruit, rambutan and pomegranate. These fruits are filled with nutrients and antioxidants and are healthy, but they are not necessarily more ‘super’ than other less exotic and less expensive fruits, such as blueberries. Some of these fruits may be particularly dense in antioxidants. Pomegranate seeds for instance have ellagic acid which is said to have anti-cancer properties. However red raspberries, also contain ellagic acid.

When I am cooking at home, I love making a superfood salad that incorporates many superfoods including pomegranate seeds or raspberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, kale, rocket and avocado dressed with coconut oil or flaxseed oil. It tastes delicious and also means that I get a massive hit of delicious superfoods in one go!

There you have it, Super Foods made super easy!

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