If you enjoy getting lost in an art gallery, imagine stepping inside one of your favorite paintings and actually getting lost within that…

At barely 11 years old, Elisabeth Anisimow is a master of a little known art form called “living art”, which merges the real world with that of the imagination. Her dreamy works reinterpret the masters of old but with a modern twist- Elisabeth’s masterpieces features actual living, breathing people!

Elisabeth begins by deciding on a period in art history and then painting intricate backgrounds and props to create ‘sets’ befitting the time.  For our work, she was inspired be French Impressionists (Renoir, Matisse). Next, every item from the clothing to the flowers to the chairs is licked with her brush, playing up light and shadow so that when these three-dimensional objects are later photographed, they appear as a two-dimensional painting.

Perhaps the the most unique aspect of her work occurs when her subject matter literally walks into frame and she applies lashings of stage make up to their skin to create the unique painterly quality. It is at the very moment that her subject disappears into the painting, that her art work is brought to life.

The result is breathtaking; a reality warping, mind baffling photograph that reads to the eye like a painting. As timeless as a classic painting and as current as a photograph captured in the moment.


Elena Petrova Photography
Elena Petrova Photography


When Elisabeth invited my 4-year-old daughter, Capri and I (complete with ever growing six-month baby bump!) to sit in on a session in her studio, I agreed immediately. To be photographed is one thing, to be turned into a living artwork…this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So on a recent mild fall morning Capri and I arrived at Elisabeth’s parents house in the Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles and discovered a sweet, glossy black bobbed haired girl splattered in paint in her parent’s garage which she’d converted into an art studio.

Behind her stood a wooden set that she’d transformed over the past couple of weeks into a Renoir-esque fantasy. Our lace gowns and props painted and dry hanging on a rack in all their soft pastel hued glory. Elisabeth’s excitement at seeing the final piece of the painting (us!) walk into the studio was palpable.

After changing into our costumes, we took a seat in the midst of the dreamy scene while Capri and I had our skin covered in her delicate brush strokes, giving our complexions and exposed skin a look befitting a scene from a French impressionists work.

It was an experience we will never forget and the resulting photograph taken once Elisabeth had worked her magic is a piece we will treasure for ever. The definition of priceless.

It’s with the greatest of excitement that I share these final images and BTS stills and footage.



For the first time Elisabeth is accepting commissions for details contact katerinaanis@yahoo.com
 For more details about her incredible work click here

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