This Mega Maven is elevating children’s fashion photography & publishing and offers some sound advice for parents thinking of having their children enter “the biz”.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Kymberly; tall, golden skinned and with the clearest blue eyes I can recall seeing on anyone over the age of 5! It was a ‘girl’s lunch’ at Cecconi’s in Beverly Hills, arranged by a mutual friend. Within moments of sitting down with the former model and celebrated children’s fashion photographer (yes, she shot many of Gigi and Bella Hadid’s first campaigns for GUESS) I was taken by her sense of adventure, her effortless glamor, her refreshing candor and her elevated aesthetic vision.

Fast forward nearly three years and it was at the same restaurant, this time over a shared breakfast of pesto and avocado eggs that we dreamt up a way to collaborate. Kymberly had now launched her own successful luxury children’s fashion magazine, Mini MAVEN and I was honored to be invited to share the cover story with my daughter, Capri.  Kymberly is not only the founder and editor; she is the creative vision and photographer behind some of the dreamiest editorials you’ll ever see in print.

A passionate child’s welfare advocate and Mom to three children, this  busy lady has figured a few things out! So it is with great pleasure that I share her interview with you.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out her luminous magazine  available at Barnes & Noble and follow them on Instagram !

xox Kathryn

They say never work with children and animals, yet you’ve made a living from photographing children! What’s the best tip for getting an amazing photo when working with tiny subjects?

Be sure they have napped and are fed!

Best piece of advice for mother’s who are thinking of getting their children into youth modelling or acting?

My advice is NO Social Media accounts until they are teenagers and push them only if it is them who want to do it.

You’ve worked with a lot of “child stars”- best tip for keeping them grounded in Hollywood?

If I do work with a child that needs some grounding, I will absolutely suggest to the parents, “let your kid be a kid for a while and take a break, they have their whole life ahead, and very few early years. “

You’ve known Gigi and Bella Hadid since they were little, tell us more?

The Girls were like my daughters, they grew up with Ella and Nicolai literally since tummies! We all have a very special bond that is like family and will last forever. I am so proud of what both Gigi and Bella have achieved already at such young ages. Photographing Gigi during her young and formative years has left me with such fond memories and tons of images in the archives!LOL

What project has got your heart racing with excitement?

The Escape Issue is our most recent edition in print! While new on the scene for kids fashion publications, we have made quite the mark in such a short period of time in which we are thrilled.

Can you tell us about your background and how you came do the work you’re doing?

 My childhood was simple, picture perfect by the sea, one older sibling, watching sunsets and eating sandy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. LOL.  My parents, extremely creative; one  an architect, the other a painter, for which I pay tribute to daily now since my artistic and creative edge came many many years later. My life took a turn when I chose to pursue a career in Modeling and moved to an actual city, the city of angels. I moved to Los Angeles at age 14, signed with Elite, and By the time I was 17, I had my first taste of what it was like to live abroad fulfilling a contract in Japan. From there, packed my bags and moved to Europe by age 18. Living in fashion capitals had me hooked, Paris, Milan, London, and other continents  like Australia & Brazil. I was on a daily drive of inspiration with my wanderlust travels to exotic destinations, rich in culture, art  and fashion! My attraction to light was an obsession taking me back to the childhood of sunsets with color and emotion. My desire to pick up a camera came swiftly, when my first child, /ella (22) was born, it was instant and innate, I shifted to the other side of the lens, that became a pillar in my adult life as well as a young mother, the rest is history.

What are some career highlights?

As a photographer, landing my first editorial job for Vogue Bambini, Ralph Lauren & Guess Kids advertising campaigns. A Dream come true! As an editor, taking Mini Maven to print, seeing it through step by step. It was a true labor of love, something I believed in and did on my own. Being a wife, mom, & starting something new can be VERY scary and vulnerable…

You spend many years in front of the camera as a model, has that influenced your work as a photographer?

100%. it helps me in every way with how I communicate and enter all situations, especially working with children, they are special. Being a mom helps too! 🙂

Did your career change at all after having a child?

YES!!!  You’re the mother of three children, what are their ages and have you got them involved in your work? 22, Ella, 21 Nicolai, and 11 Grayson, I also have a lovely Step daughter Lulu, 18.

Your magazine is extremely high end- what inspired you to create it and how is it different to other publications in the space?

For several years quality publications have been closing left and right, there really isn’t anything in the space like Mini Maven, nor coming from America. For me, Mini MAVEN is a experience, a celebration of Mavens in the word of fashion on a child’s level. Curating content with photography & style, where we can shine a spotlight on talented designers, artists, and children who are an inspiration. We are seasonal and print an extraordinary issue for SS and FW! They are keepsakes, something you would keep on your coffee table!

Biggest challenge you’ve had to face and what it taught you?

Motherhood would be my number 1. It has taught me resilience, patience, empathy and what TRUE love is all about.

We recently worked together on Mini Maven’s May cover shoot (which was just incredible!)- tell us a bit about the shoot and what was it like from behind the camera?

Well I must say it was quite a breeze collaborating with you and thank  you for allowing me to do my thing. Thank you for trusting me and my team with our vision. Capri was an absolute delight and quite the comedian at the same time! In choosing the location, Laduree this was the perfect fit for our Mother Daughter Shoot and were so blessed to have a day filled with their delicious treats and charming location in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Quality you most admire in a person?


Biggest misconception about you?

That I  have it all figured out.



What’s in your beauty bag? What products do you always go back to year after year?

Super simple Regimen over here, don’t laugh… Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream for hair cannot live without, Jouer illuminizing tinted moisturizer (Golden), Revlon Butterfly Mascara (thanks to a darling teen singer I photographed years ago), sheer lip gloss…Clarins & Kevin Aucoin have the best.

What about your wardrobe – what are your wardrobe essentials?

If I could live in resort wear year round I would, however, I have part City bug in me too! Chic and Sexy is my game.

How do you stay so fit?

Yoga, Pilates, Paddle boarding and Spinning.. I loathe gyms.

What’s your diet like – do you stick to a strict diet?

No Diet over here, although I love juicing 🙂 What are your favourite foods?  Sushi & mediterranean clean


Social media of choice? IG

Time I wake up? 6:45am

Time I go to bed? 11pm on a weekday

Guilty pleasure? Champagne & sushi

Sweet or savory? Savory

Heels or flats? Tie

Book I’m currently reading? Sweet Bitter, I have been reading it since January, Beyond pathetic!

TV show obsession? Whatever my husband likes.

If I was doing this, I’d be? In my favorite place, Careyes  available at Barnes & Noble and follow them on Instagram !

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