When Yael Aflalo, an entrepreneur and former model launched her fashion label Reformation in 2009 in the back room of a store in Los Angeles with the idea of creating “killer clothes that don’t kill the environment”, people laughed at her.

Now one of the most successful insta-fashion labels on the globe with celebrity fans ranging from Rihanna and Taylor Swift to Kaia Gerber and Bella Hadid, the entrepreneur who counts Karlie Kloss as an investor is unstoppable.  After releasing a jean collection in February, she is now expanding with the release of a new more affordably prices sister line, Reformation Jeans.

“My biggest dream is to bring sustainable fashion to everyone,” Aflalo said in a statement. Priced from $28 to $148, the Reformation Jeans being priced significantly lower than the main line. 

The 46-piece collection consists of sustainable denim, made either with sustainably sourced fibers, 100% percent recycled materials or deadstock fabrics with a major focus eliminating the toxic element in most denim lines; toxic dyes and the mind-blowing 1,460 gallons of waste water created for each pair. 

“Unfortunately, denim is pretty much the worst clothing for the environment. From water and pesticides needed to farm cotton, to toxic chemicals used in dyeing and finishing denim, plus water and energy used in home laundering, denim has a significant environmental impact,” said Yael Aflalo.

Want another reason to good about buying the collections? The label has also partnered with Oregon-based non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation to donate 1,000 gallons of credits to the National Forest Foundation‘s clean water projects for every pair of Reformation Jeans sold.

Available for pre-order on Oct 12 and then open to sale online and instore from October 23, the collection which feature a mix eleven denim styles in fourteen washes, ten tops and four dresses.

Images Courtesy of Reformation

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