Some of us were born performers, with a love of the spotlight warming our faces. And some of use feel much more comfortable in the wings, making things happen from behind the scenes.

Of course, not all of us can be (or even want to be) the Prima Ballerina. But in our own lives, we are all center stage- whether we like it or not.

How we perform under pressure, how we make people respond to us, how we execute the many twists and turns of life dictates whether our life gets a standing ovation, or a muffled boo. As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”.

So to teach us how to be the star in our own lives, who better to chat with than the Principal of one of the countries most prestigious performing arts school, Arts High School, Lynn Irby-Jackson.

This week on Secrets To Your Success we learn how to embracing our own inner star quality, and explore the core values of Dance and how they can be applied to everyday life and put us on a fast track to success.

Like all great dance performances, success can be broken down into a series of small steps. Here is your choreography:
Lynn explains that the most crucial element for success first starts with commitment.

Ask yourself, “How much do you really want this?” Be it a medal from a dance competition or a promotion at work. When you know just how much you want something, only then can you fully commit yourself to making it happen and only then are you willing to make the sacrifices for the higher goal whole heartedly.

Just as a dancer needs to commit to hours of sometimes punishing rehearsal, stretching, technique training, strict diet and fitness regiments in order to have their moment to shine, so too must we commit ourselves to whatever goal we set for our lives in order to see it through.

No matter how much we love what you do, there will be days where we wish we could sleep in, times when we’d prefer to go shopping or do ANYTHING other than do what we need to do.

Don’t try and fight it, just accept that we’re not always going to love what we love and learn to do it even when we hate it. This is discipline.


We live in the real world, and no matter how single minded our goal, we all have to multitask in order to get by in life. Lynn tells us how dancers learn to juggle their dance schedules with work schedules and having a personal life.

In order to succeed as a dancer or in any field at all, you need organization and systems to help you balance the many aspects that comprise a successful life.


Not everyone is a dancer and not all jobs require being the star of the show, but to succeed in any field, you need to believe what you do matters.

Just as dancers need to stand up tall and show the audience who they are, we too need to walk tall and carry ourselves with confidence and pride be it in a meeting, giving a presentation or just moving through life. If we don’t think we’re very good, why would anyone else?

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