Photograph: Trish Lee

“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.”

It’s the line that sums up what it is to be a woman, and it’s the sentiment that inspired me to create High Heel Jungle.

In a sea of glossy fashion, food and family blogs, I wanted to create an online space that spoke to all the varied aspects of a woman’s life and saw her as a whole. I have always believed that a woman needn’t sacrifice her style for substance or her family for career success, but I do know first hand how hard the juggling act can be.

In this airbrushed social media saturated society we live in, it’s easy to feel as though we don’t measure up when in fact we are more than enough, we are magnificent. It is my hope that High Heel Jungle becomes your online home away from home, a supportive space that celebrates your efforts, inspires you and gives you the confidence and know-how to dream big dreams.

Filled with thousands of articles and videos I’ve created just for you, ranging from how to survive a broken heart to what to cook your kids for dinner. From how to dress like the boss to candid conversations with the world’s top female entrepreneurs, Oscar winners, philanthropists, teachers and creative minds on what it took for them to become their own #MomBoss. It’s all here, ready for you to explore and discover.

I am deeply grateful that you have found your way to us and I salute you as you navigate the modern day Jungle in High Heels!