Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately got either a good or a bad vibe? Just as people have energy, so do homes! Given that we spend a huge amount of our time at home it’s important that yours has the right energy to welcome the life you want in 2018.

Of course, most of us can’t afford to completely makeover our home for the New Year. Not to worry! By adding a few key accents, you can make your home feel fresh and vibrant, without the cost and time it takes to do an interior overhaul. Infusing your decor with the positive energy of crystals, sage and Feng Shui elements can transform the spirit of your space.

Today we caught up with our resident crystal healing experts, Heather Askinoise and Timmi Jandro the founders of Energy Muse and authors of Crystal Muse: Every Day Rituals to Tune Into The Real You . Leading influencers on the power of crystals, Feng Shui, and holistic healing with over 25 years experience, we’re excited to share their quick, inexpensive and effective ways to turn your home into a high-vibing environment that’s perfect for relaxation, success and love.

Home, Sweet (Smelling) Home

The first thing you want to do when trying to boost the energy of your home is to cleanse away the old energy. You can do this by smudging your space with sage and sweetgrass. These plants have been used in spiritual ceremonies for centuries, and have a noticeable calming effect on the soul. Begin by burning sage, wafting the smoke around your home, and catching the ashes in an abalone shell or fireproof container. Then burn sweetgrass, using the same technique. I like to think of this as a sort of shampoo + conditioner effect. After the sage purifies the energy, the sweetgrass brings in the positivity. Plus it has a sweet scent that you and any guests that you have over can enjoy.


Sometimes we become so involved in the holiday struggle, that when it’s all over, we’re left wondering, “Okay, now where were we?” Selenite helps you to get back on track with your life by cleansing and enhancing your energy. I keep a large piece of selenite in every room, because it has this unique ability to both ground and recharge the spirit. You’ll notice that it brings a light, playful essence into the space that’s conducive to the optimism you want to carry in the year to come.

Add Some Flavor With Himalayan Salt
Salt doesn’t just add flavor, it enhances energy! Himalayan salt is said to absorb negative energy, and provide detoxifying benefits to your spirit and space. Large chunks of himalayan salt are relatively inexpensive, which makes them ideal energy cleansing tools to place in every room. I like to take relaxing himalayan salt baths to purify and cleanse any stale or stuck energy in my personal energy field.
Love Is In the Air! Create Loving Energy With Rose Quartz

Place your lotions or perfume on a rose quartz plate to remind you that the most important aspect of your self-care routine, is self-love. Rose quartz is especially beneficial when placed in the bedroom, as it radiates with the energy of love and compassion. Instead of falling asleep sad or angry, let the calming vibrations of rose quartz induce a more peaceful state of acceptance and understanding. I also like to place a piece of Rose Quartz on either side of the entrance to my home. Every time I walk through my door, I am reminded to radiate love energy.

Protect Your Space With Black Tourmaline

Now that you’ve got your home beaming with positivity, protect that energy with black tourmaline. This crystal will cleanse negative energy and work to keep it out of your home. Sometimes you just can’t help bringing home negativity from work, or having people over who will leave energy behind in your home. Placing a piece of black tourmaline on either side of the entranceway to your home will keep the negative energy from entering. You can also place a piece in each of the four corners of the room for additional protection and grounding.

Add a Bowl of Fruit to the Doorway

Place a bowl of oranges or tangerines by your doorway as an offering to guests. This is said to attract abundance in the year to come. It also just adds a zest to your decor that I find improves my overall mood.

With these tips, you can have your home beaming with love and positivity in no time. Just remember to keep smudging and switching things up. The best thing you can do for the energy of your home is to not forget about it. Investing a little bit of time and effort into maintaining a radiant aesthetic is worth it for the place where you spend most of your time.


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