Of course being born into the Hadid family is one of Bella’s best beauty secrets, but it turns out model Bella Hadid has to look after her famous skin to maintain her trademark glow and her mother Yolanda has taught her some valuable lessons she’s willing to share!

Bella reveals what she does to keep it pore perfect…

Your make up looks professionally applied even when you’re off duty, do you have someone come to your house? 

 I do my own makeup when I’m not working. I’m all about taupe-y eyeshadow, a golden liner, and a dewy complexion with just a little shimmer. It makes everything glow better. I don’t like having a lot of makeup on my face. And I use an eyelash curler. With or without mascara, it’s a must.

Your Mother (Yolanda Hadid) was a successful model too and has raised two top models, any beauty advice she’s given you that we can learn from?

She [mom, Yolanda Hadid] did always tell me, “Skin before makeup.” So now I try to stay consistent with my routine, especially when traveling. I don’t leave home without serums or oils.

Have you noticed your skin change as you get a tiny bit older? 

 I used to be able to wash my face at night and not do anything after, but now if I go to sleep without moisturizing, my face feels dry and tight. I love masks. I do them all the time. I’m obsessed with black peel-off masks, and I use a sheet mask on mornings when I have an early event.

Any looks you’re obsessed  with at the moment? 

I throw something nineties into my look every day. I’m obsessed with scrunchies and those black stretchy headbands. I have 100 of them from putting my hair back to wash my face.

Any other beauty secrets? What about scent?

I’ll always remember the way my mom smelled growing up, like cardamom. It’s a beautiful smell. It reminds me of home and makes me feel the way I am around my mom: very grounded.

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