Meet Elisabeth Anisimow, an 11-year-old child prodigy who uses art to merge the real world and that of the imagination. Her dreamy works reinterpreting the masters of old but with a modern twist- Elisabeth’s masterpieces features actual living, breathing people!

Since beginning painting at the tender age of two-and-a-half, Elisabeth’s style has evolved and branched out into new territory, “Living Art” being her latest artistic exploration.

Elisabeth my have already had numerous solo exhibits under her tiny belt and had her work exhibited around the globe, including the Children’s Art Museum in Oslo, Norway…but this sweet, passionate and tremendously talented young girl is just getting started…

It’s with the greatest of excitement that I share our exclusive interview with Elisabeth Anisimow…

Elisabeth Anisimow

How old were you when you first started painting?

I started painting when I was about 2-2.5 years old.

How did your parents even know that they had something very special here, was there a moment?

My parents say I always enjoyed museums and could stare at art in museums for a long time. I always wanted to draw and create something. I even used my baby food as a finger paint.

It’s hard to believe that someone so young could create such sophisticated works, what is it about painting that you love so much?

I love everything. From the first minute I get an idea and create a sketch and after mixing paint and creating.

Where do you get your inspiration? How do you “capture” it? 

It just gets into me. I read many books about art , I watch documentaries and visit museums and art shows. Inspiration is everywhere .We just need to keep our eyes open!

When you come home from school, are you like an ordinary 11 –year old watching TV or doing home work? 

Of course! I still love running around, climbing trees and playing hide and seek and even watching TV.

Tell me about your latest style, “living art? 

To me ‘Living art” is something truly unique and amazing. It is a very interesting process which involves a lot of work and creativity.I need not only to paint but also design costumes, create set ups, collect the props and finally paint the humans and direct them into the scene. To me it is both creative and educational .

What’s the most challenging part of making someone look like a painting? 

To me everything is very challenging ! I keep getting new ideas while working and that’s why I always add many details through the process. Painting clothes is not easy as well.You need to know which fabric to use since sometimes the fabric can absord the paint or look through and etc. I actually do learn a lot through the process and always discover something new for myself. Painting on humans is really interesting because there is never the same face so you like creating a new canvas each time. And of course,finally when everything is ready it is very exciting to see how your painting comes to live !


Capri and I (at 6.5 months VERY pregnant!) were recently lucky enough to be your subjects in a very romantic painting…what was your inspiration for the style of our work? 

French impressionism is definitely one of my favorite periods in art and I tried to capture something like that.

How’d we go as “models”…I think Capri might have been better than me?! 

I think that both Capri and you did amazing. You fit perfectly in to the “time period” I was trying to recreate. Capri is so little at just 4-years-old and it was adorable how she was actually painting an apple while I was painting her!

Do you have a favorite work from your portfolio? 

To me they are all favourite because each time I learn something new.

Which artists do you admire?

I admire many artists but “Old masters” are definitely are among my favourites.

You’ve already shown your work at some personal exhibitions…where would you like your work to appear?  

Yes, I had a few personal art shows and one of my works is on the display in the museum of Childrens art in Oslo, Norway.

I really would like to became a part of Art Basel and Frieze Art Fair .What I do is like a visual performance art so I would to perform everywhere where people would like to see it.

Which famous person would you most like to paint?

Oh, that’s a hard question… maybe Ellen and Taylor Swift! I don’t know. Everyone who wants to experience to be inside the painted world I guess!

What do your friends think of your art?

They love it and they all want to experience to be a part of it.

For people reading this who are inspired to get their children painting…what advice would you give them to encourage and foster their talent?

Never stop dreaming and always follow your dream .Paint with your heart and don’t listen if someone says that it is not good enough. Whatever you create it will be always beautiful. Just believe in yourself and in your work!

I can’t think of a more magical way to be captured and immortalized than one being one f your “living art works” (it certainly beats the ordinary Holiday card), would you consider doing special commissions for our readers?

Yes, I would love to do that! I open to any ideas and cooperation -I just want to create and create and be creative.

How do we get in touch with you?

You can follow me on instagram @elisabeth_anisimow 

For the first time Elisabeth is accepting commissions for details contact
 For more details about how Capri and I were transformed into painting click here.



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